Taming the Tongue

August 28, 2022


– Ill) in our Church family we studied the book of James recently – à wholistic Xian living – Head, Heart, Hands à be doers of the word not just hearers – today we consider the power of words… – Ill) ASP – mounted police 2 Friesians à tiny bit in horses mouth vs. body (2lb-1,400lbs) – ie/ shark at Marine Land – kiss; cobra (charmer) – we have dominion over beasts, not tongue – rudder (pilot) guides whole ship (1/1000) – weight of human tongue = 65 g, vs. 65 kg! – tongue wield great power: for good & evil – Ill) power of MLK Jr.s’ words; ignite nation to rethink equality – v.1: fear the position of leader/teacher – say more publicly, more likely to stumble – Ill) Ford’s political strategy – don’t speak! – Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. ABE LINCOLN – v.2: all stumble with our words (imperfect) – great forest set ablaze by ‘small fire!’ – he proves power of tongue with many images – tongue à corrupts whole person – sets course of life on fire – meaning?? – judgmental venom toward others, becomes selfconsuming – self-loathing – tongue is evil it is set on fire by hell! – but main teaching: read 9-10 – fresh & salt water don’t share same source – tongue made to praise G & bless our neighbour – no one does it perfectly (v.2), BUT…there is a Holy Helper – One who knows us, yet loves us! – HS of G, you are welcome, inspire our tongues – people disappoint…yes, BUT with HS help, instead of judging & tearing down with our tongue, we can forgive, bless, welcome – – what power a word forgiveness has – read – 2 Cor. 5:19 – G is saying: I gave you a tongue to bless not curse, draw all to me, not push away – to continue the ministry of reconciliation between our holy G & sinful humanity – May G enable us to use our most powerful tool for praise & worship & the blessing of all people Hymn – O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing Benediction