Lake Joseph Church has an interesting history.

The attractive shoreline property on which our church is located was purchased on September 27, 1902 and was known as “Lake Joseph Presbyterian Church”. The purchase was executed by appointed trustees: Mr. A. W. Alexander, Mr. Thomas Still and Mr. Thomas Henry. The church building with its creative interior woodwork was built by the MacKenzie brothers of “Staney Brae” assisted by Mr. G.M. Henry of Minett. The first worship service was held on August 9, 1903 with well over 250 attendees.


Sunday services were conducted by a group of well-known preachers, international in composition, some having served as student ministers in the early years.


In the mid 1920’s, the church became an interdenominational community known by it present name.


A special 100 year Celebration Service was held on August 10, 2003 conducted by Reverend Dr. Andrew Stirling and attended by almost 500 people. Lieutenant-Governor James Bartleman dedicated a permanent Memorial plaque and Mayor Susan Pryke presented an official Heritage Plaque designating the church as a Historical site.


Our community of worshippers remains strong and vibrant and we have been blessed by many wonderful speakers and musicians who enrich our services. Each and every Sunday in the summer we meet as a community of Christians worshipping together and serving God on the beautiful shores of Lake Joseph.