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Lake Joseph Community Church 2020 Season Update

Dear Lake Joseph Community Church Congregants, 

We all recognize the great uncertainty created by the global pandemic that restricts our ability to gather and worship as we have in the past.

With the well-being of our church community our top priority, the Board of Directors have prayerfully decided that summer services will not take place at the Lake Joseph Community Church or be offered virtually, during the 2020 summer season.

Although this is only the second time in our history that the church has not had its

doors open to offer a scripturally based message and music each Sunday, the Board believes this to be the right decision and we look ahead with confidence to resuming services in 2021.

We look forward with anticipation to standing together in the familiar wooden pews of our beloved church building, to once again sing praises to our God.  He is the one who does not change, who is faithful throughout each generation, and who is present with us during this unprecedented summer of 2020.

It will be with Joy and with much celebration that we will have the privilege of

greeting each other in person once again in the summer season of 2021!

In His Service,

The Board of Directors

Lake Joseph Community Church

We are pleased to provide links to many of our Speaker's home churches so that you can enjoy their messages over the summer months.