2017 Sunday Service Schedule

Our first service this year is July 2, 2017.
Note: There are no services between September 3 and October 8.
July 2
Rev. Dr. Mark Lewis
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kitchener
Organist - Paul Gockel
Vocalist - Amy Dodington
July 9
Rev. Dr. Das Sydney
Highland Baptist Church, Kitchener
Organist - Tracy Kelly
Music - Gary & Marney Curran
July 16
Joanna la Fleur
C4 Church, Associated Gospel Churches
Organist - Jeff Campbell
Vocalist - Monica May
July 23
Rev. Dr. Dale Skinner
St. Stephen's-on-the-Hill United Church, Mississauga
Organist - Jeff Campbell
Vocalist - Miranda Hunnisett
July 30
Rev. Dr. Connie denBok
Alderwood United Church, Etobicoke
Organist - Jeff Campbell
Vocalist - Mel Hinch
August 6
Rev. Dr. Stephen Farris
Retired Dean, St. Andrew's Hall, Vancouver
Organist - Tracy Kelly
Vocalists - Courtney Bolak & Gillian Hunnisett
August 13
Rev. Jack Archibald
Presbyterian Church, Ottawa
Organists - Marjorie & John Tite
Music - Catherine Morrow & Norm Nurmi
August 20
Dr. Judy Paulson
Wycliffe College, Toronto
Organist - Jeff Campbell
Vocalists - Amy & John Dodington
August 27
Rev. Dale Rose
Yorkminister Park Baptist Church, Toronto
Organist - Jeff Campbell
Vocalist - Shirley Thompson
September 3
Dr. Victor Shepherd
Professor, Tyndale University College and Seminary
Organist - Jeff Campbell
Vocalist - Amy Dodington
October 8
Rev. Dr. George Vais
Former Moderator, Presbyterian Church
Organist - Jeff Campbell
Vocalist - John Dodington
Please Note:Sunday School will be held each Sunday except Thanksgiving.